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Vaughn's #1 Bermuda Grass
Successfully Planted Using Sprigging Method
by Tanglewood Farms, Wynne, Arkansas

Untitled-17.jpgpic-6.jpgWe purchased cuttings for our original five acre stock of Vaughn's Hybrid Bermuda Grass in 2002. Although this grass has been available for sale about 20 years, it had never been transplanted other than from cuttings. In spring of 2003, we began an experiment by digging and planting sprigs from our year old stock in an effort to discover whether this grass would propagate itself in this manner. This article has been written as a testament to the unbelievable growth and potential we have experienced with Vaughn's #1 Hybrid Bermuda Grass.

May 22, 2003
Five acres of ground was prepared for planting, next to Vaughn’s original, year-old  #1 stock. Using our Bermuda king equipment, the sprigs were dug from the original stock and planted in the new ground, as seen at right.

June 1, 2003
Pictures of Vaughn's #1 Bermuda Grass sprigs approximately 2 weeks after planting. This grass was grown without the aid of irrigation or chemical weed killers, although there was plenty of moisture in the ground at the time of sprigging.

pic-7.jpgJune 1, 2003
5 pictures of runners taken in different locations of the same five-acre field. Some runners were already twice as long as a hoe handle, as seen above and below at far right.

As you can see from these pictures, Vaughn's #1 Bermuda Grass roots then begins to spread out in all directions from every joint that touches the ground. Though growth seems to slow during hot and dry conditions without irrigation, it is actually busy enlarging its root system under the ground.



pic-9.jpgJune 1, 2003
The unbelievable growth of this grass is shown by runners form the original stock spreading out into the field where sprigs were planted two weeks earlier.

June 1, 2003
David is standing in the original stock. Yellow arrows point to areas that were dug from sprigs approximately two weeks previously.

July 11, 2003  
Red arrows mark line of demarcation between the original field and newly sprigged section shown at top and to the right in these 3 pictures. This is the 2nd cutting for hay being mowed.

June 11, 2003 
Approximately 2 months from date of sprigging, looking across newly sprigged grass. No chemicals had been used on weeds at this time.

August 7, 2003
Tractor is mowing area where sprigs were dug, but grass had already spread back over them, and strips were no longer visible.

August 7, 2003
3 pictures of first cutting of hay from newly sprigged Vaughn’s Bermuda grass, which was planted in May. GMC Denali parked between rows of freshly cut hay.

August 7 & 8, 2003
These pictures show the quality of our newly sprigged Vaughn's  #1 Bermuda Grass from cutting to bailing. The grass in the windrows seen above was planted by sprigging on May 22, 2003. As you can plainly see, we definitely have 100% coverage in 78 days! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these pictures speak for themselves.









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